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Dubai Summit Showcases Ascendant Middle East Leasing Market

2019-01-18 11:19 Friday

Duxes hosted the 5th Middle East Leasing Summit 2019 on January 16-17 in Dubai, comprising two parallel events, an Auto Finance & Fleet Leasing Forum, and an Equipment Leasing Forum. Both forums gathered leaders in the global leasing industry, including policymakers, representatives of lessors, OEMs, construction firms, financial institutions, trade associations, and analysts, to discuss the robust and rapidly-developing market in the Middle East.

Dubai Summit Showcases Ascendant Middle East Leasing Market

The auto finance forum shed light on innovative business models that have revolutionized the market, including the impact of car sharing, new energy and autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence on the provision of services, as well as new paradigms for fleet leasing, employee car leasing, online auto sales, and aftersales service. Further content highlighted market conditions in the Middle East, including the IFRS 16 standards, the VAT reforms, the maturation of the personal credit system, and regulatory legislation in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The forum also featured a panel discussion analyzing the relative benefits and drawbacks of car sharing and car rental.

The equipment leasing forum explored the construction and equipment leasing markets in the Middle East and around the world, with firsthand insights on future trends, the effects of government initiatives, including Saudi Vision 2030 and the 2020 Dubai Expo, micro leasing in emerging markets, and captive financing. Additional presentations delved into the implications of artificial intelligence, the OPEX model for leasing, and the nascent credit system for equipment leasing in the Middle East. Two panel discussions detailed the productivity of human capital in the leasing market, and market demand for different types of equipment.

The 5th Middle East Leasing Summit 2019 offered a platform for leasing professionals to pool knowledge and experience on auto finance and equipment leasing in the Middle East. The summit furthered Duxes' decade-long commitment to facilitating exchange and innovation within the leasing industry, providing crucial insights on a developing market. Duxes would like to thank sponsor Asseco, and endorsers: The Alta Group, CIFA, SCLG, and AFSA, for their contributions to an enriching event.

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