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Collaborate Launches Car Subscription Service

2019-01-28 16:11 Monday

Collaborate, a sharing economy company in Australia, recently unveiled its car subscription service Carly. The company hopes to revolutionize car access and offer an alternative to traditional car ownership.

Collaborate Launches Car Subscription Service

The platform is set to launch in March and allows users to choose from over 20 car brands, as well as switch vehicles on a monthly basis. Carly customers only need to pay a single monthly subscription fee with the vehicle, registration, insurance and other costs included.

Chris Noone, CEO of Collaborate, said that Carly is imitating subscription service models like Netflix to change how consumers use and access cars. "The convenience and flexibility of subscription is a natural fit for how we want to access cars today. Carly provides an easier way to get into the car you want, without the hassle, while providing the flexibility to change the car when your life changes," he said.

"Carly is a drastically different approach that recognizes that traditional car ownership and car leasing models aren't providing the options that people now want. If you value flexibility; if you like the idea of being able to start, stop or change your car subscription as your lifestyle changes and don't want to be tied into a long-term car loan or lease, then Carly is a far better solution," he added.

Once a customer subscribes, they can select their first car and have it delivered to their door. They can continue using that vehicle as long as they wish or change to a different car each month. Customers have the choice of economy and luxury vehicles, as well as a variety of models, from hatchbacks to SUVs.

There are no add-ons in the contract, and users can choose to cancel their subscription at any time. A Carly subscription starts at $180 per week, which covers all costs, including registration, insurance and maintenance.

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