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Porsche Doubles Electric Vehicle Production

2019-01-28 16:37 Monday

German carmaker Porsche, which is known for its sports cars, said that stronger-than-expected demand has led it to boost production of its electric Taycan car from 20,000 to 40,000 units. This development indicates that Porsche will double production for an electric car that it hasn't even released yet.

Porsche Electric Vehicle

Since the new figures would exhaust capacity at Porsche's new plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany, a second location may soon become necessary. The Porsche plant in Leipzig is the most plausible option for ramping up production.

"We had been ready for it," said Andrew Lennon, manager of product communications for Porsche. "We had the ability to increase capacity from the beginning, and executives recently made the decision to go ahead."

The Taycan is one of Porsche's high-end electric cars which is expected to hit the market soon. According to Porsche, the Taycan, a name the company says roughly translates to lively young horse, will be priced at around $80,000.

Apart from Porsche, many major automakers have also launched new electric vehicle models. Jaguar launched the I-Pace electric crossover last year, Audi plans to soon roll out its e-tron sport utility vehicle, and Ford plans to offer a high-performance electric vehicle inspired by its Mustang sports car.

Sports cars have contributed to Tesla's surge in popularity. Tesla sold 245,240 vehicles last year: 145,846 Model 3 sedans and a combined 99,394 Model S sedans and Model X SUVs.

Porsche sold 57,202 vehicles in 2018, almost half of which were its Macan crossover utility car. Its popular SUV, the Cayenne, reached 10,733 in sales, and its signature 911 sports car sold 9,647 units. The 718 entry-level sports car and Panamera sedan accounted for the rest of sales.

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