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Mexico City Plans to Lease Police Car

2019-03-13 13:24 Wednesday

According to Mexico City's police chief, four of every 10 police vehicles there are not patrolling the streets. And there are 1,146 vehicles either undergoing repairs or coming to the end of their service life.

 Mexico City Plans to Lease Police Car

Now the number of patrolling police cars in Mexico City has reached 1,719. However, for a city spreading over an area of 1,495 square kilometers with a permanent population of just under 9 million, the number is not enough.

And more police cars are expected to be withdrawn from service over the coming months. The police chief acknowledged that more vehicles are needed but admitted that buying them would be too costly. Instead, the Mexico City government will lease them, he said. "We're going to change to a leasing model . . . We're going to always have 950 of every 1,000 police cars on the road," he added.

The security secretary claimed that under the leasing model, there will be 33% more police cars on the road than is currently the case and the government's security strategy will be strengthened as a result. However, the police chief also claimed that the success of the strategy also depends on a well-staffed police force. "we don't have an optimal number of officers." He said.

However, an additional 2,541 new officers were sworn in at an event that was presided over by Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum. The mayor explained that the capital is divided into 847 different areas for policing purposes and that the new officers will help "to improve security." Sheinbaum added that "everyone – police, citizens, residents of this city, those who visit the city – aspire to have a safe city."

Mexico City has been considered one of the safest parts in the United States for most of this century but crime rates have risen in recent years. In January, an average of 700 crimes – including homicides, kidnappings and extortion – were reported in the city each day.

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