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Air India Express considers leasing Boeing 737 Aircraft

2019-04-25 14:11 Thursday

According to a top company official in Air India Express, the international budget arm of Air India is considering the possibility of Boeing 737 aircraft leasing. Air India is already discussing a proposal to lease five of Jet Airways wide-body planes, Boeing 777s. "We are looking at leasing (B737 of Jet Airways) aircraft but there is no firm decision on this issue so far." said a statement from Air India Express.

leasing Boeing 737 Aircraft

"However, there are a lot of other things to take into consideration, like sectors and timings, among others," Air India Express chief executive officer Shyam K Sunder claimed.

When asked about the exact leasing number of planes that his airline could lease from Jet Airways, Shyam K Sunder said, "We don't have a target number." Shyam Sunder also admitted that the airline plans to recruit 50 commanders from Jet Airways, of which 20 have already been hired.

Air India Express has large operations in Southeast Asia. Besides, it also operates some flights in North and Western India as well as on some domestic routes. It has a fleet of 25 Boeing 737 planes, of which 17 are owned and rest 18 are on lease.

"We have already recruited a lot of pilots. We have about 20 of them already, all from Jet Airways as at present only Jet pilots are available in the market. Our intention is hire up to 50 pilots. So we will be inducting another 25-30 pilots going forward," he said.

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